Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Favorite Relationship Quotes

"How can anyone love you if you don't love yourself, and how can you love others if you don't love yourself?"

This used to be a problem for me--the concept of self-love---I thought it was the antithesis of a spiritual attitude and behavior. And I shied away from songs and concepts like "The Greatest Love of All" which goes so far as to say that the greatest love is learning to love oneself and the greatness which is inside each one of us.

But I came to realize that all too often in our western society we make everything so black and white and rigid: there is only one way to do or believe something. This is "scarcity thinking" rather than a "prosperity" or "abundance mentality". When viewing this subject through the lens of a "prosperity mentality" I can see that there is a healthy self-love which everyone must develop. For love is a driving force of the Law of Attraction which is one of the Laws of the Universe which enable us to be successful in relationships and all other aspects of life.
So, how then do we begin on the path to this healthy self-love?

o First we must ASK for it and in order to do this we have to BELIEVE that we have the right to and deserve to do so. That means we have to rid ourselves of any erroneous notions that we are somehow inherently evil or bad. This was never stated in any Scripture; in fact the opposite was stated: the fact that we are born noble and in the image and likeness of the Creator, which is the source of all goodness.

o Then, after we have ASKED and came to BELIEVE that we are essentially good and deserve to love our own selves, we have to RECEIVE with gratitude the blessings and bounties that have been bestowed upon us from the Universe. We have to give thanks for our mind, body and spirit and whatever particular characteristics and talents which have been deposited within us. (A good exercise to assist us with this process is to first inventory our individual characteristics; make three columns on a paper and head the columns with the words, Mind, Body & Spirit; then list under each one our personal special and unique attributes, as well as the ones we share with others.)

o Then we demonstrate the love that we are developing for ourselves by making noble goals to further actualize and improve our unique personal characteristics (which will be the subject of another article entitled "Power Goal Setting").

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How to Make Your Relationship Better

A relationship has its ups and downs and needs to go through various phases. No relationship can claim to be smooth throughout. Two people can never be exactly similar and thus, there has to be such differences. It's all about the way you deal with such issues. A relationship is like a young plant that needs proper care to grow into a healthy tree. Some advice from some closed one is always welcome. Relationship problem quotes also provide us with good, helpful advice that helps us understand relationship issues and tackle them well.

Since our lives revolve around a relationship, it has to be healthy and emotionally-supportive. It should provide happiness and add value to our life. Whenever a relationship starts getting bitter, we may experience that the whole world has come crashing down around us. We cannot avoid having any differences, but we can try to recognise any such issues well in advance, so that we can be prepared to tackle them accordingly. You can either do so by using trial and error or by talking to a closed one. Many a time reading a book or an article or some relationship quote on the same could help. These can not only prepare you ahead of time about the relationship issues, but also help you deal them the right way when such problems arise. 

You need to make conscious efforts to deal well with the bumpy ride. Apart from tracking down issues with your partner, you also need to have a look at yourself. The advice should guide both of you, as a couple, and work for bettering the relationship as a whole. For this, you would need to make some positive changes in you and put in the extra effort to make it work. Such guidance from books, articles, Relationship problems quotes can give you the much-needed push, reignite the spark that might have died down, uplift you emotionally and counsel you well as to what can be done to address any kind of relationship issue. Take action to save your relationship. Appreciate the existence of love between you and your spouse and rediscover it if it has been lost somewhere. Accept differences. Give your opinion, but also accept the opinion of your partner. Remember, a relationship is not necessarily about two people always looking at each other, but about looking at the same direction.