Wednesday, March 27, 2013

One Love Quote Per Day to Your Hubby

Love Your Hubby
One love quote per day to your hubby is all you need to keep your relationship alive, fresh, strong and exciting.
Love Quotes - What are they?
Love quotes can be defined as adorable and meaningful sayings laden with wisdom and knowledge about love. They are trustworthy thoughts of those enlightened peoples who are in love, gone through ordeals in their love life and still have kept their relationship alive and glowing. Not only they are able to fill your soul with love and romance, but also help you improve your wisdom about love.
Why One Quote Per day?
Here are couple of reasons why you should send one quote per day to your beloved.
  • To convey your deepest emotions
  • To keep your relationship fresh and new
  • To keep your heart-beats synchronized
  • To make your hubby smile
  • To remind yourself as well as your beloved of real happiness of life
How to start?
Just browse for some love quotations on internet. Once you found the quote you and your partner can resonate with, just SMS or e-mail them to your hubby. As simple as that.
Does it really work?
Yes it does. It does work like a magic. I, myself, send one love quote per day to my girlfriend. So with my experience, I can safely say It works.
Where Do I find quotes on love?
Well, there are plenty of sources where you can found plenty of love quotes on plenty of subjects. Internet is one of the best source to look for them. You can find quotes on books as well. Furthermore, several cell phone network operators provide this service to receive Love quote of the day SMS which you can opt for. Also, you can get them in newspapers, literature etc.
Some Example of Love Quotes
  • Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you I had no control over. -edawe15
  • Tonight I resign myself to missing you, for I know I have the rest of my life to wake up next to you.
  • As soon go kindle fire with snow, as seek to quench the fire of love with words. William Shakespeare
  • A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace. Bible - Ecclesiastes
  • By night on my bed I sought him whom my soul love. Bible

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

7 Sexy Ideas For Dating & Romance on a Budget

Dating & Romance
If you're in a new relationship, you've been dating for awhile or even if you're married (especially if you're married!) you need to find creative ways to be romantic. Flowers, candy and spa gift certificates are all appreciated for sure but when your monthly budget is down there's no reason for your romance to be out. There are many sweet and exciting ways to say I Love You that cost very little or are completely free. During these tough economic times you can use these 7 sexy ideas for dating and romance and still stick within your budget.
Create a Get Away at Home:
Cost: Minimal Money, High Creativity
Want to get away but your budget won't get you across town? Travel the world from home. Go to the library and check out some music CDs or play music from online to set the mood. Where do you want to go tonight? Hawaii? South America? Italy? Free music can set the mood. Add a few simple foods and you're there.
Camping at Home:
Roast marshmallows in front of your fireplace. Turn the lights off and a light a few lanterns on. Put the sleeping bags on the floor and just where the mood leads you.
French Connection:
Serve cheeses, fruits and chocolates for dinner for less than a dinner out. Throw in a bottle of wine or sparkling cider and experience some French style romance.
Use your imagination to bring your dream vacation to your home with some simple recipes, music and props.
Go to a Local Sports Game:
If you love sports but can't afford NFL or college game tickets and ESPN or Direct Ticket isn't adding to the romance in your relationship, try out a local high school sporting event. For five bucks or so you can enjoy an evening out and experience the excitement of high school all over again.
Cheap Plays, Musicals, Ballet and Arts:
You don't have to travel far or pay big ticket prices to enjoy concerts, plays and the arts. Check out area colleges and local performing arts centers that offer amazing talent at affordable prices.
Buy an Entertainment Book:
Entertainment books cost between $20.00 to $35.00 and you can save hundreds on drinks, appetizers, buy one get one free meals and more. Slip your entertainment card and credit card in one motion with the big for huge savings on a date night out.
Here's an example of the savings using an Entertainment book in Houston:
My husband and I went to a Cuban restaurant and indulged in Sangria, traditional Cuban dishes, a Cuban band and even free dance lessons for a total cost including tip of $28.00.
If you need to add some romance that is totally free, you're not left out in the cold. These simple and free ideas are hot in the romance department.
Let Love Take a Hike:
Take walk in a park or around a lake. Visit a reservoir or other nature trail and don't forget to hold hands. A walk offers a great time to talk, admire nature and each other. Consider it foreplay. Sunsets and fresh air are very romantic.
Leave a Love Note:
Often a love note can buy you more than a bank note. Not creative? Don't worry. has you covered with quotes from silly, sassy, sexy to funny, for any occasion or time in your relationship. Leave a romantic by a pillow or in a brief case to say I Love You and I'm thinking about you... and me... and later tonight.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Forbidden Love Quotes Ideas

Love Quotes Ideas
What is special about forbidden love quotes? What makes you like them so much? The first reason may be, you can relate to them somehow. Maybe you are also feeling a forbidden love. So these quotes sound like describing your own love story.
Maybe you are secretly in love with a friend, that you know you shouldn't be. Or you may love someone who you know doesn't love you back. All of these are a type of forbidden love.
So why not find the perfect love quote to help you describe how you feel? You know how sometimes a one-sentence quote can say more than a thousand words.
Here are 3 ideas for you to use your forbidden romance quotes...
1. Use Forbidden Love Quotes to Reveal Your Love to Him/Her
Sometimes an easy way to open up the conversation to let that special someone know about your love, is to use a love poem or quote. It's elegant and romantic.
2. Calm Your Own Heart
Even if you choose not to reveal your forbidden love for now, you can still enjoy reading these love quotations because you can relate to them. It is always nice to see someone famous from another part of the world speaks the words right out of your heart.
3. Write Your Own Forbidden Romance Quotes
You are you, and no one knows how you feel better than you. So how about you write your own quote about your forbidden love? You can easily put in words how you feel about that special someone.
Whichever of the above 3 ideas you choose, you can always enjoy these quotes. After all, forbidden romance may not be the easiest kind of love, but it is deep and pure and unselfish. So you can enjoy the pure beauty of it. Good luck!